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“Finally, a practical tool to incentivize, engage, train, recognize, and reward employees all in the same place. I can provide “reel” training in small bite-size chunks of information at an accelerated pace that they are already used to consuming every day, but in the way they like it. No more 3-ring binders and having to force them to watch long video trainings. ReelTrain is the right solution business owners in hospitality have been looking for to hire and retain the workforce of today!”

“The experience of eating together has been a cherished experience for centuries. We want to bring back those experiences and enhance those communications with today’s generation and workforce through ReelTrain that recognizes, incentivizes, and rewards people for what they do everyday at work. If they are trained appropriately, recognized, and rewarded, they will care, feel valued, and the customer experience will become more superior, thus increasing patronage and sales.”

“I have used over 5 different LMS platforms over the years. None of them had all the right tools in one place. Finally, a clean, simple, and practical tool for business owners to engage and communicate with their employees all in one place without feeling overwhelmed that was created for them. ReelTrain is so simple and such an amazing tool. I can keep the pulse and communicate with all my employees in one place, while also recognizing and rewarding them in real time on the job!”

“COVID-19 has brought back an entirely different workforce – a newer, younger, and up-and-coming workforce of the yesteryears. They are the Gen Z Workers. The Gen Z workers are the first generation to grow up online, and the most racially diverse generation in US history, with minorities about to outnumber the white population. They are also known to be a generation that needs to be recognized and rewarded, and by and large is still learning how to work. We need a new tool to be able to effectively engage, train, recognize and reward them. ReelTrain does all of this, and more!”

“It is about time somebody figured this out! A practical engagement and training platform that is simple to use without all the frills. ReelTrain, is successfully bridging the gap between the GenY and Millennials that often are doing the hiring, training, and managing of the Gen Zers. By providing them a fun and simple tool that incentivizes, trains and rewards employees all from the palm of their hand for them.”