Create a unique experience for your organization

Create an engaging and rewarding workspace and knowledge base for your employees.
Send authentic messages and training information to each employee and customize the entire experience
to fit your organization’s culture.

Engage and Empower ALL of Your Employees

Inspired employees make stronger companies and stronger companies build stronger economies.

(from Start With Why by Simon Sinek (2009))

ReelTrain users will recognize that this platform has been individualized especially for them and their specific needs. That individualization fosters a sense of ownership that, in turn, empowers the workforce of today.

Our current focus is on the restaurant and hospitality industry because of the great need to train and retain employees at a rapid rate in this post-pandemic era. To that end, the ReelTrain platform is engaging and rewarding as it helps companies retain knowledgeable employees while authentically conveying the message that they care about their employees’ individual progress.

Not only does ReelTrain allow for companies to organize their training into one accessible, digital platform, but it also helps their employees feel needed and seen–which is essential in creating and maintaining a successful workplace culture in a fast-paced industry.

Managers, supervisors, and leads can recognize employees’ efforts, and customers can scan ReelTrain’s TellUs QR Code to share their customer service experience all in real time with ReelTrain.

A simple-easy-to-use-tool for employers and employees to use to
Incentivize, Engage, Train, Recognize, & Reward … All in one place.