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   • Improved Job Satisfaction
   • Increased Employee Retention
   • Amazing Customer Experiences

Create engaging mobile training feeds with employee-created Video Reels, Images, and YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok media.

Engage with your staff and empower your organization

ReelTrain was designed as a simple and effective tool for managers and workers to be trained, engaged, recognized, and rewarded so they feel supported and want to stay and grow within the organization.

For Your Organization

Research indicates that 80% of Americans do NOT have their dream job. If more had the right know-how and tools to build organizations that could inspire, we could live in a world where that statistic is flipped on its head – a world where 80% of people loved their jobs!

(from Start With Why by Simon Sinek (2009))

With ReelTrain:

  • Resolve mismatched job expectations
  • Find the perfect candidate for the job
  • Praise and reward your employees
  • Get feedback, coach and communicate easier
  • Inspire your employees

ReelTrain was created to help companies challenge the status quo and revolutionize how they train their workforce today.

The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated a problem that many businesses big and small already faced: not enough time to properly train new employees, which directly affects the quality of customer service. As a result, companies have needed help with not only retaining employees but also training new staff quickly and efficiently BUT in the way that employees of this generation are used to consuming information. Enter ReelTrain.

The current statistics highlight the need for change in how companies train employees:


  • Approximately 60-70% of all turnover is voluntary.

  • 17% of surveyed employees quit their job within their first 30 days, and 33% within the first 90 days
  • 40% of employees today say they have never had any training at their workplaces and that their skills are largely self-taught
  • 94% of employees say they would remain at the same company if it invested in their learning and training

(ThinkImpact. “Employee Training Statistics [2022]”, ShortLister. “57 Employee Training Statistics in 2023: Investing in Employee Development”)

“Inspired employees make stronger companies and stronger companies build stronger economies.”

(from Start With Why by Simon Sinek (2009))

For Your Employees

More than ever before, today’s workforce needs to be inspired at all levels. The magic formula is this: first engage them and then train, incentivize, recognize, and reward them for all their hard work. Then expect to successfully retain them.

  • Easy to follow training designed in a similar social media style “Reel Feed” format they already use to consume new information
  • Make accurate decisions based on real data and feedback
  • A communication channel between employees and management to support and reward

See for yourself how ReelTrain stacks up against the top LMS Platforms:

We tend to make decisions that are not completely accurate because of our own assumptions. ReelTrain started from a place that is very different from any LMS (Learning Management Systems) available today – it is NOT just another novelty!

“Just watch what I do” training…is dead

The workforce of today is different from that of the past. Training and retention methods must be adapted for today’s employees.

Training new employees in front of a computer screen or just-watch-what-I-do training is not only outdated but painfully disengaging. These old-school training styles are not effective in bringing new employees up to speed.

Spending hours creating training curriculum is also burning valuable time and resources.

To appropriately engage, train, incentivize, and retain todays’ workforce, there must be a shift. 

Why Reel Train?

ReelTrain was designed as a simple and effective tool for managers and workers to be trained, engaged, recognized, and rewarded so they feel supported and want to stay and grow within the organization.

A recent study found that 1 in 3 workers are considering leaving their current job, and 80% of Americans say they are not currently working at their dream job.

Furthermore, research has revealed that workers leaving their jobs regularly cite management issues and feeling undervalued as reasons for doing so. Other common reasons for leaving include a lack of communication, recognition, and coaching. As a result, employee turnover is quickly becoming costly for companies.

ReelTrain was created to help companies curb this issue, challenge the status quo, and revolutionize how we effectively engage, train, and retain the workforce of today.

(from Start With Why by Simon Sinek (2009))

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